Children’s Health

Doctors on Cashel offer Free consultations to children under the age of 14 years who are enrolled with our clinic.

The clinic also offers the following services specific to children’s health needs:

Well Child Checks and Childhood Immunisations

We actively supports well child checks and immunisations as a way of getting a healthy start to life and to protect the community from recurring epidemics. We offer the full range of recommended fully funded vaccinations on the childhood immunisation schedule. We also have a number of vaccines which are on offer, these are optional and are not funded. If you wish to discuss these pleas get in contact with on of our practices who can disuss thes options with you.

The current childhood immunisation schedule sees vaccines given at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months, 4 years and 11 years.

Free Well Child Checks are performed by your doctor and when your child is 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months and 15 months old. This is to ensure they are healthy and that their development is within the normal range. It is a good chance to discuss any concerns you have, especially for first time parents.

For more information on well child checks click this link

For more information on childhood immunisations click this link


B4 School Checks

This is a national programme aimed at providing a FREE health and developmental check for 4 year olds before they start school. The B4 School Check aims to identify and address any health, behavioural, social, or developmental concerns which could affect a child’s ability to get the most benefit from school, such as a hearing problem or communication difficulty.

All enrolled and funded 4 year old patients are eligible for this check. We outsource this service and you will be invited to partake in this when you child reaches the age of  4 years.

For more information on B4 School Checks click on this link