Christ’s College Health Services


Doctors on Cashel has had a long-standing relationship with Christ’s College and their Health Centre and have been providing medical care for boarders since 2006.

Students can access care at our clinic &/or through the school’s health centre. We liaise with Christs’ College nursing and matron staff who contact us on a regular basis about the boys in their care, and in such situations, we act as their primary health provider.

Under New Zealand’s general practice system, every resident is asked to enroll at a one nominated medical centre. As an enrolled patient, your son will receive partially funded healthcare, reducing the cost of a standard visit. You can formalise this relationship by enrolling your son with us. However, this is a matter of parental choice and parents are entitled to accept or decline this opportunity. For more information on enrolment please click here.

If you chose to enroll your son with Doctors on Cashel, please complete the enrolment form ensuring that all areas are completed, and send back to us as soon as possible.

Please return your completed form to;

If you chose not to enroll your son with Doctors on Cashel, we ask that you still complete the  Student Health Registration Form so we have yours and your son’s details on file in the event they require a consultation.


Our Services

The following are services specific to Christ’s College students,

  • Annual Influenza Vaccination
    • Each year we attend the boarding houses and carry out the vaccination programme,
    • The cost for this service is $32 per person, or FREE if your child meets eligibility criteria
    • For more information on the vaccine check
    • If you wish to accept this offer please complete the 2021 Consent Form here
  • Menactra Vaccination
    • Is FREE for 13 to 25 year olds living in boarding school hostels, tertiary education halls of residence,
    • For more information on the vaccine click here
    • If you wish to accept this offer please complete the 2021 Consent Form here
  • Accident & General Medical Consultations

For further information on all our services click here.


Our Fees

Our current standard fees for children and young people are as follows:


6 – 13 years 14 – 17 years 18 – 65+ years
Free  $46.00




*CSC Holders


6 – 13 years 14 – 17 years 18 – 65+ years






*CSC or HUHC Holders


Non New Zealand Residents

6 – 13 years 14 – 17 years 18 – 65+ years
$101.00 $101.00 $101.00


Health Records and Patient Privacy

If you have any questions about your son’s health at any time please do not hesitate to contact us. If your son remains registered with his usual family general practice, we can keep them informed of his medical care by sharing consultation records if you agree.

In the interest of continuing the quality care we provide for your child, we share summaries of their care with the Nurses at the Colleges Health Centre. At each contact we will obtain consent from your child to ensure they agree to this summary being shared. Should they decline the records will not be shared.