Womens Health

Doctors on Cashel offer a number of Women’s Health services, including;
(if a service is not listed here, please arrange an appointment with one of our GP’s who can discuss your case and offer care advice and options)



Women aged 45 – 69 years have access to a free mammogram / breastscreen every two years.

For more information on breast screening click on the link https://www.timetoscreen.nz/breast-screening/

or Contact our team on P: 03 366 2578
or BreastScreen South on P: 0800 270 200 | E: admin@screensouth.nz


Cervical Screening

All women between 25 and 69 who have ever been sexually active should have regular smear tests.  Our general practice team provide a cervical screening service.

It is recommended you have a smear test every three years to reduce your chance of getting cervical cancer. Some women may be eligible for a free smear – ask our team who can look into weather this free service is available to you.

For more information on cervical screening click on the link https://www.timetoscreen.nz/cervical-screening/


Maternity Care

Maternity care is free for eligible patients in the first trimester. If you think you are pregnant, this can be confirmed by one of our practice nurses who will then make an appointment with your usual doctor to discuss your options for maternity care. 

For more information regarding maternity services in New Zealand, please click on this link:


Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women between 28 and 38 weeks are encouraged to get a free whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination.

Contact: our team on P: 03 366 2578 or your Lead Maternity Carer.


Sexual & Reproductive Health

We offer expert advice and services to help you with your oranga taihema, your sexual and reproductive health, including:

    • Pregnancy and your options
    • Sexually transmissible infections
    • Contraception (a way to prevent pregnancy)
    • Periods
    • Menopause